Lytle Creek Fire Area
Lytle Creek Fire Area
Lytle Creek Fire Area
Lytle Creek Fire Area
Mt. Laguna - April 1, 2006

These simple images above show the natural beauty of my favorite observing location
just past the spring thaw.
Roses Outside a Window

Fairly self-explanatory.  This is the same
window where I shot the "Solitary Yellow
Rose" picture (on the Random Pictures
page), only this time I used 3200 ISO film
instead of Kodak 125 px, so this one is
much grainier.  Exposure was 1/60 second
at f/4.
Lunar Halo
Lunar Halo

On the night of Feb 25, 2004, thin, high
clouds rolled in to cover the entire sky
and refract the light of the nearly full
moon into a circular colored spectrum
almost 50 degrees across.  Unfortunately,
I only had black and white film at the
time to record the event. 1 minute at f/8,
Kodak 125 px.
Lake Elsinore at night - Canon 300D
Lake Elsinore at Night

Canon 300D and tripod, 28mm at f/3.5
8, 15, and 30 seconds at ISO 200
Stacking and Curves done in Photoshop 7.
The Road to Joshua Tree - May 27, 2006

Here are some shots taken near sunset while I was driving out to Joshua Tree for a
night of Astrohotography.
The Steve

Here's The Steve being generally awesome!
Red Cloud Road

Canon 300D, 17-50 f/2.8 Tamron lens at
17mm, f/4.5  1/2000 sec at ISO 100 for both

These are some daytime shots of one of my
favorite dark sky sites.  The railroad is
from a now defunct mine some miles to
the southeast
Laguna Niguel Wilderness

Above is a series of four shots taken in the fairly sizeable section of open land out
behind my housing complex.  It's a great place to go to get away from the hectic pace of
suburbia for a little while.
SaddleBack Panorama
05-06-07 Laguna Niguel, CA
Canon 300D, Tamron 17-50, f/4
3 x 15 sec at ISO 100 top at 17mm
15 sec at ISO 100 bottom at 50mm

This is what the view looks like
at night on the hill behind my
house facing east.  The lights to
the left are from Mission Viejo,
while the dimmer lights to the
right are from the more distant
city of San Juan Capistrano.
Mount Laguna

This is a series of
shots taken from
the top of
Stephenson Peak
at Mt. Laguna, CA.
The land drops
3000 feet of
elevation into the
Anza Borego
desert just to the
east of this spot.
Older Photography - 2003-2008
Little Blair Valley Wakeup Call
May 12, 2008

I took these images after waking up to the
90 degree plus heat of the mid-May sun at
Little Blair Valley.  My friend Eric (also
my manager at OPT) and I had gone on an
overnight trip to do some
astrophotography, and we were both trying
to tear our gear down as quickly as
possible so that we could get in our
air-conditioned vehicles and make the long
drive home.

Images taken with Pentax Optio W30 point
and shoot camera.
Landing Pad
June 2008

One of my first shots with my new Canon
Rebel XSi (450D) camera. Image taken
with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens.
Processed in Photoshop.
Arizona Sky
July 22, 2008

North of Phoenix, Arizona heading toward

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Tamron 17-50
f/2.8 lens..
Elk herd, Grand Canyon, AZ
July 23, 2008

A small herd of elk decided that the grass
near the South Rim parking lot needed a
bit of a trim.

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Tamron 17-50
f/2.8 lens.
Cathedral Rock
July 24, 2008

Cathedral Rock taken near Sedona, AZ

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Canon
70-300mm f/4-5.6 ED lens.
Drumset in Studio

A shot of my drumset circa Feb 2008.  
Image taken with Canon 300D and
Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens.
Crooked Lines, Plasma, and Masks
April 2008

These are 3 images taken with a Pentax
Optio W30 point and shoot camera I won
in a contest at work.  I manipulated
images into repeating patterns through
rotation and by using  various blending
thechniques in Photoshop.  The original
intent was to use them as artwork in a
music project, but as that project is on
hold at the moment I figured I'd at least
put them up on the site.
San Diego glow with moonrise
July 20, 2008

Looking west from the side of Mt. Laguna.  
The moon is rising behind me.

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Tamron 17-50
f/2.8 lens at 17mm, f/4.
30 seconds at ISO 400.
Grand Canyon - South Rim
July 23, 2008

These two shots plus the panorama above
made from 5 images stitched together were
taken during my trip to Arizona in late
July 2008.  The main purpose of the trip
was to chase thunderstorms, but I met my
family out there for a couple days and we
decided to head up to the Grand Canyon
for the afternoon.  While there, I figured
I'd better put my new camera to use.

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Tamron 17-50
f/2.8 lens.  Panorama photomerging done
in Photoshop CS2.
Snowfall on the Santa Ana Mountains
Dec 18, 2008

After a particularly heavy storm, the snow
level dropped below 3000 feet, and the tops
of the Santa Ana range were dusted with
snow for a couple weeks.

Canon Rebel XSi (450D), Tamron 17-50
f/2.8 lens.
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